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Before contacting us, explore our clients FAQ.

We are experts that specialized in data recovering with particular emphasis on SQL databases. we work since 2002 on the international market and our business clients’ positive opinions are the evidence of our professionalism.

In our work, we focus on fulfilling our clients’ needs. We try to be as precise as possible when it comes to our entrusted tasks and our work, therefore we can achieve very high effectiveness in recovering lost data.

The prices of our services depend on many elements, such as the size of database, the reason of losing data and the complexity of the recovering process. Contact us and we will instantly prepare an estimated price. You can also send to us your database for an analysis and evaluation.

Databases are just a collection of records of information stored on work station or companies’ servers. Databases very often includes valuable and sensitive information and long history of the company. They can also be a collection of data for any application or IT systems.

Your data will be in very safe hands in our company. We won’t only recover your damaged, encrypted or destroyed data but we will also help you with securing your company for future incidents.

SQL is a structural language which is one of the most popular within standards of accessing to database managing systems. SQL allows you to create, modify and read data from SQL databases.

During our work, files and data entrusted to us are stored in secure enclaves to which access is only available for people working on your case. After finishing the recovering process all stored files are deleted.

No. All of the work is conducted on our hardware testing environment, which will be set to simulate workflow of your company. The only thing that we require is updated copy of databases and problem description.

Fast and accurate data recovering is possible thanks to completely mobile model of service. You send your files and database to us and we conduct our work in our laboratory. After recovering of data, we will send you back a ready and repaired database.

In order to finding problem and the solution of your problem fast and easy, we need information about software you use to manage databases. When you will send us updated copy of it, we will conduct analysis and contact you in case of any inquiries.


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