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How to recover SQL database

How to recover SQL database

SQL databases are a specific environment, for which there was invented a special language SQL. We can find in it diverse models, for example relational model.

It is one of the most popular commercial models available on the market. Beside the relational model we can also often distinguish object and hierarchical databases, but the relational model is the basis of understanding what are SQL databases.

The first and official relational databases language was SEQUEL. It was intended to be a user-friendly language which can help with making requests in databases. It characteristic features were easy request creating and making operations on databases with English keywords. The idea also assumed recovering as a simple and intuitive process.

How to recover database

SQL data can be recovered in few different ways. One of them is the database recovering from its origin location. Data can be recovered by searching it by name in the original location. An often-used method is also its transfer to another SQL server. Database can be put on network folder or on a tape.

SQL database recovery process

To recover database, you should go into the DPM administrator program console, and click on the navigation bar on the Recovering button. A window will open up and you should pick the exploring feature. Then you should find the database that you want to recover. Next step is to choose a date in the calendar, which will allow to download a list of recovering points available for this date.

The next step is to choose the recovery time from the menu. This option displays the hours for the next steps of the database recovery process. In the menu, you will have to choose a certain hour that you want to be recovered. The next window will be Actions in which you will be able to choose the Recover feature. After clicking on it the recover creator will open. The next page will be an overview of the selected element to recover and then you need to click on the Next button.

The next step in the database recovery process is Recover to original localization of SQL server. After reading this information you should click on next. A certain page will show up   set defined localization of recovery where you have to choose option Recovering to any SQL file. Then you will have to enter the database file for which we can create new name. Unfortunately, this option is unavailable for the newest recovery point because you cannot recover new version of database without recovering old version.

The next step is to choose one out of the two options. You can choose from two different options: Copy on network folder and Copy on tape.  By choosing the first one without setting a particular point which should be recovered with express feature – it will display another option of recovering process. If you choose the second option Copy on tape and the recovering point wasn’t set before that with express function, it will also display another option of recovering point. If you choose Copy on tape function you have to indicate the tape library, which you want to use to recover data. The next thing that you should pay attention to is the situation when you pick different point of recovering than the newest one. Leave working database. There will be displayed a recovering option in which you will find limitations of network capacity.

After choosing you should click Next, until you have reach the recap. In this final stage, you should explore recovering database option and click on Recover.

What else can we do to recover SQL database? Send an inquiry to us and we will take care of it.